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Founded by Emily Blair Marcus, Emily Blair Media is a boutique PR Agency, offering top-of-the-line public relations initiatives specializing in celebrity and influencer management and partnerships, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and event planning. We take pride in our specialized approach to public relations, media placement, production, and more. With a more personalized, tailored approach, we are able to fulfill all of our client’s needs in an expedited time frame, allowing for rapid brand development. Our team members are uniquely and intimately familiar with media trends, have strong relationships with the press, and are committed to achieving and furthering our clients' specific goals.

At Emily Blair Media we provide an innovative approach to strategic public relations. No matter the brand, business, or person we help you soar to new highs and become an influential and well-respected figure in your industry. Through our customized and targeted promotional campaigns, we work to boost your personal brand or business

We exclusively handle all elements of production when it comes to magazine covers. We pitch and book with international publications, source all aspects of production such as hair and make-up, photographers, videographers, stylists, and more. We also are able to secure any needed location and event permitting and we ensure to set up a press campaign around our cover productions.

As a well-developed public relations company we utilize our relationships with editors and journalists at media outlets to deliver results for our clients. Through previously established relationships, calculated targeting, and relevant pitching, we secure captivating print, digital, and multimedia placements to position our clients at the top of their industry.

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"Working with Emily Blair Media has been great and has helped me build my brand while also expanding my media outreach. Her company has increased my placement and presence in different media outlets and landed me amazing opportunities for photoshoots. Their dedication to helping clients achieve their dreams in terms of brand building is unparalleled compared to other companies that I’ve worked with in the past. I highly recommend working with them in order to build up your personal brand and increase your media presence."

- Sunshine Shen, Model & Spirituality Guru

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Emily Blair Media was founded in April of 2019. We are a Public Relations Agency and specialize in media consulting, publicity, creative direction, production, and styling. We guide our clients toward achieving their personal and professional goals.

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