Sunshine Shen

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Model & Spirituality Guru

Working with Emily Blair Media has been great and has helped me build my brand while also expanding my media outreach. Her company has increased my placement and presence in different media outlets and landed me amazing opportunities for photoshoots. Their dedication to helping clients achieve their dreams in terms of brand building is unparalleled compared to other companies that I’ve worked with in the past. I highly recommend working with them in order to build up your personal brand and increase your media presence. 

Sebastian Lagree


CEO & Founder of Lagree Fitness

My time working with Emily Blair Media has been outstanding. Her company has increased my media presence in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I have seen the positive impact they bring to me and my company through positive media attention, PR and event opportunities presented to me and the follow through on making sure everything we do is promoted to the best of their abilities. Emily Blair Media has great knowledge of the PR world and always have great ideas on how to make it work for their clients.

Friedman Optical


Optometry Practice

Emily and her team kick-started my company's social media and helped us develop our brand in a way that made sense to millennials and Gen-Z. As a company that has been around for 40+ years, we sought to connect with the younger generation, and that's where EBM came in - they created an influencer marketing program for us, managed our social media, and secured amazing placements for our products - such as episodes of The Bachelor! We couldn't be more thrilled to work with them.

Evergreen Consumer Brands

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Manufacturer & Distributor

Working with Emily completely reformed my company's approach to public relations. We had never worked with a PR expert, but Emily and her team came in, collaborated with us, and trained our marketing team about all things modern media. We introduced influencer marketing into our company, revitalized our social media, and attained widespread recognition for our brands. Thank you, EBM!

Client Testimonials