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Our connections give us the ability to provide our clients with a number of different coverage opportunities in major magazines around the world. Opportunities range from print covers and multiple-page spreads, digital covers, and digital spreads, just spreads alone, online articles, and so on. The publications we are currently working with are Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, InStyle, Shape, Playboy, FHM, Marie Claire, L'Officiel, and Harper’s Bazaar covers in multiple countries. Visit our contact page for more information if you’re interested in one or more of these opportunities! 

Petite Meller For Harper's Bazaar Vietnam
Kayla Fitzgerald For QP Magazine
Nicki Andrea For Playboy
Kayla Fitzgerald For Playboy
Aslayy Baugh For Playboy
Aslayy Baugh For Playboy
Christine Quinn For Cosmopolitan Romania
Sebastien Lagree For Men's Fitness
Meredith Mickelson For Harper's Bazaar Vietnam
Paola Estefania For Contrast Magazine
Sebastien Lagree For L'Officiel
Justin Ashar For Contrast Magazine
Sunshine Shen For Maxim Australia
Paola Estefania For LaPalme Magazine
Sebastien Lagree For Harper's Bazaar Vietnam
Sebastien Lagree For FHM Fit
Christine Quinn For Harper's Bazaar Vietnam
Sunshine Shen For Glamour Bulgaria
Sebastien Lagree for Esquire Serbia
Christine Quinn For Maxim AU
Sunshine Shen For Harper's Bazaar Vietnam
PJ Vegas for Native Max Magazine
Sunshine Shen for FHM Magazine
Sunshine Shen for Playboy Magazine
Sunshine Shen for LaPalme Magazine
Lexy Panterra for Jamo Magazine
Lexy Panterra for VZSN Magazine
Sebastien Lagree for LaPalme Magazine
Lexy Panterra for LaPalme Magazine
Lexy Panterra for YV Hip Hop Magazine
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Sebastien Lagree For Men's Fitness